Oil Spill Clean Up Jobs

Oil spill clean up jobs are available but whether you're getting paid as a W-2 employee, 1099 employee or even volunteering, you must have your 40 Hour HAZWOPER and your annual 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher!

That's right! You must have your HAZWOPER according to OSHA and FEMA to participate in any way with oil spill remediation.

The BP Gulf Oil Disaster brought remediation to the forefront of jobs that are available for those with their HAZWOPER certificates.

Disaster clean up or specifically hurricane response jobs were usually involving some kind of security position as infrastructure was rebuilt. Globally Employable shows how to leverage an Armed Guard license, handgun carry permit, the HAZWOPER and a TWIC can generate an incredible revenue for the holder.

What came first the chicken or the egg? Are you going to apply for a HAZWOPER job without having the HAZWOPER? Sure the jobs are available where the employer will pay for you to get the certification but that's generally for people with a specific skill set that they're searching for. If your skill sets are needed, the employer doesn't mind paying for it.

If you're starting out and looking for oil spill clean up jobs, then you'll need your HAZWOPER to start with. The problem is how to take a week off of work to sit through a class.

The answer is not to! Do the HAZWOPER online, on your schedule and at a great price! With the discount code "40mm40hr" you'll save $40 on our 40 Hour HAZWOPER!

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