8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher

There are two versions of our HAZWOPER Refresher course. We offer an OSHA 8 Hour Refresher and an OSHA 8 Hour Supervisor Refresher (for those who already have the initial Supervisor Training).

Each refresher course comes with an Adobe pdf certificate that can be downloaded, saved or printed as many times as needed.

Both versions give the student the option to purchase a laminated wallet ID card for an additional $5.00.

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**The Supervisor Refresher is only intended to be taken by those who have already taken the OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor (Initial) Training.

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Our OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER course is updated at least annually and includes many photos, helpful links to other great sources of useful information, and interactive quizzes that check your progress along the way.

The objectives of this course are to meet the Federal OSHA HAZWOPER training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(8), 29 CFR 1910.120(p)(7)(i) or 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(8) for general industry, and 29 CFR 1926.65(e)(8), 29 CFR 1926.65(p)(7)(i) or 29 CFR 192665(q)(8) for construction. This course is also intended to meet any HAZWOPER training requirements for the EPA and State OSHA regulations.

Per 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(8) and 29 CFR 1926.65(e)(8)

Employees specified in paragraph (e)(1) of this section, and managers and supervisors specified in paragraph (e)(4) of this section, shall receive eight hours of refresher training annually on the items specified in paragraph (e)(2) and/or (e)(4) of this section, any critique of incidents that have occurred in the past year that can serve as training examples of related work, and other relevant topics.

Per 29 CFR 1910.120(p)(7)(i) and 29 CFR 1926.65(p)(7)(i)

The employer shall develop and implement a training program which is part of the employer's safety and health program, for employees exposed to health hazards or hazardous substances at TSD operations to enable the employees to perform their assigned duties and functions in a safe and healthful manner so as not to endanger themselves or other employees. The initial training shall be for 24 hours and refresher training shall be for eight hours annually. Employees who have received the initial training required by this paragraph shall be given a written certificate attesting that they have successfully completed the necessary training.

Per 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(8) and 29 CFR 1926.65(q)(8)

Those employees who are trained in accordance with paragraph (q)(6) of this section shall receive annual refresher training of sufficient content and duration to maintain their competencies, or shall demonstrate competency in those areas at least yearly.

All of Our Refresher Courses are Only $39.95! Don't miss another job because you're not up-to-date!

This course consists of 16 sections broken down into 5 modules. It is recommended that users take each section in sequential order, although this is not required.

Module 1

1 Introduction and HAZWOPER Overview

2 Regulatory Overview

3 Safety and Health Program

4 Medical Surveillance

Module 2

5 The Hazard Communication Standard

6 Physical and Chemical Properties

7 Toxicology

Module 3

8 Site Characterization and Analysis

9 Site Control

Module 4

10 Personal Protective Equipment

11 Respiratory Protection Program

12 Chemical Protective Clothing

13 Sampling Methods and Procedures

Module 5

14 Decontamination

15 HAZWOPER Emergencies

16 Confined Space Overview

All of Our Refresher Courses are Only $39.95! Don't miss another job because you're not up-to-date!

HAZWOPER Refresher FAQ's

What if it has been longer than 12 months since I received my refresher training?
A - This does not mean you must take the initial training all over again. Per OSHA, "If the date for refresher training has lapsed, the need to repeat the initial training must be determined based on the employee's familiarity with safety and health procedures used on site. The employee should take the next available refresher training course. There should be a record in the employee's file indicating why the training has been delayed and when the training will be completed."

Can I use my one-time 8 Hour Initial HAZWOPER Supervisor training course as my refresher training for that year?
A - No, OSHA would expect a general hazardous waste site worker who is becoming a supervisor or manager to receive at least 16 hours of training during the year they become a supervisor: 8 hours of management and supervisory training in addition to 8 hours of employee refresher training. HAZWOPER requires that supervisors and managers be trained and given supervised field experience to at least the level of the employees who they will oversee, and have at least eight additional hours of specialized training on the topics listed in 1910.120(e)(4).

How long will this course take to complete?
A - Our courses are set up to take a specific amount of time. Some students may get through the training more quickly, while others may actually take longer to complete their training. Remember, this training should be used as an intricate tool in the context of an overall training program; it can be combined with other training throughout the year in order to meet any hour requirements needed.

Do I have to finish the course in one sitting?
A - No, our courses are designed so you can start and stop as needed, allowing you to break the training up over a longer period of time. Our system will keep track of your progress, enabling you to resume where you left off upon your next login.
It is important that once you start a section, you complete that section or you will need to start that section over from the beginning upon your return.

Can I take the course from more than one computer?
A - Yes, you can take the online portion by signing in with your username and password from any location and computer with high-speed internet access. However, each computer does need to meet our basic system requirements for viewing our online courses.

Will I receive a certificate for this course?
A - Yes, once you have completed a course, you are able to download, save or print a certificate of completion from your student account. Certificates are created in a pdf format. Users must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader before attempting to download the completion certificate.

Will I receive a wallet ID card?
A - In addition to the pdf certificate, this course also comes with the option to purchase a laminated wallet ID card for $5.00.

Wallet ID cards are created and mailed either the same or next business day, depending on what time the course is completed. Please allow for appropriate mail time, as this may vary by location.

All of Our Refresher Courses are Only $39.95! Don't miss another job because you're not up-to-date!

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