HAZWOPER Corporate Accounts

Whether for a small business, large corporation or federal agency, HAZWOPER Corporate Accounts through SGC Group gives you the ability to stay current, stay compliant and stay profitable!

Operational necessity balanced with HR & Training requirements and federal oversight regulations makes keeping current on HAZWOPER critical to project success, profitability and corporate longevity.

Keeping Current, Compliant & Profitable

Focusing on contractual obligations and team expertise -Completed during “Off Hours” while mobilized or between contracts.

HR & Training

Cost justification for in-house training, employee retention.-Customized web portal for corporate cohesion and minimal cost. No need to wait on having enough attendees to justify an in-house instructor.

Federal Regulations

Increasing mandated requirements for site workers and supervisors.-Continually updated to ensure compliance. Supervisor’s Initial and Refresher training for SUXOS, Safety and Quality Control Supervisors.

SGC Group Online Training

Download our HAZWOPER Corporate Brochure in PDF

Advantages of a Corporate Account for OSHA Safety Training:

Enhance your in-house training capabilities by adding web portal training for those that can’t get back to the office.

Centralized, monthly billing.

Stay compliant by having the most current curriculum and reminders 30 days from expiration dates.

Customized web portal for corporate cohesion and continuity.

Students do not have to enter credit card information at enrollment, but rather your company will be billed for enrollments. There are no claim forms employees must fill out for reimbursement.

Students can access their courses (including OSHA safety training courses) immediately after enrollment.

Retain your best employees by offering Supervisory training.

Your designated Corporate Administrator(s) can track employee progress, print completion certificates, update student information and enroll new students in OSHA safety training courses.

Upon completion of the course, students can immediately save and print their certificates, including any past certificates of training for OSHA safety training courses completed with us. Students have the benefit of taking an updated OSHA safety training course each year.

We will either charge a credit card on file, or send you an invoice at the end of each month for students that enroll during that month.

To initiate a corporate account we need the following information:

The logo you would like on your corporate page, which you can email to us.

Approval for what courses you want to make available.

Billing instructions, whether monthly invoice (need a point of contact for billing), or credit card on file (please call in the credit card info, and do not send by unsecured email).

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