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SGC Group has been providing HAZWOPER training for several years and all of us at SGC Group are still active EOD or UXO Technicians and we have to keep our HAZWOPER Certifications current.

Do we offer the 40 Hour HAZWOPER training in person?

No! We really don't have the time or staff to offer it.

Do we offer the 32 hour online and the remaining 8 hour in person?

Yes but only in the Nashville area. If you're outside that, you can still sign up and we'll get the 8 hour in-person portion set up for you.

Do we offer the 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training 100% online?

Absolutely! In fact, it's the best way to go. You login and log out at your convenience. You don't miss work, baseball practice or a fun weekend with the inlaws.

Is our online training timed?

No! People learn at different paces. I'm not going to learn anymore because of some timer telling me I have to keep going and you probably don't either.

Do we issue a certificate suitable for framing?

Yes! Best part is as soon as you complete the course, you are emailed your certificate. Save it to your hard drive for your records and print it off for your employer.

What happens if I lose my certificate or the hard drive crashes?

Easy! Just log back in and download it. It's always there for you.

Do we offer discounts?

Yes! Our 40 Hour HAZWOPER training is normally $350 but with our discount code "40mm40hr" you save $40!

Do we offer corporate accounts?

Yes! We create a portal with your company's header, flexible billing and no contract! The web portal set up is free. Corporate accounts are limited to those companies that have 10+ employees.

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How do I receive my 40 hour HAZWOPER certification?

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