Can I go in confined spaces with osha 40

I'm changing career fields and wanted to know if I can go in confined spaces with the OSHA 40.

If not, what are the steps needed to get there?

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Dec 17, 2011
40 Hour and Confined Spaces
by: SGC Group

Thanks for your great question about the 40 Hour and Confined Spaces training. There's always confusion on what courses to take to accomplish career goals.

As always the answer is yes, no and maybe. I'll explain.

Yes, you could. Probably not safely, professionally nor legally.

I appreciate motivation and wanting to get out there but years from now you'll appreciate exactly how well you're trained. EOD is fun and exciting but I also had 14 months of training to go through prior to doing my first RSP.

Confined Space Entry is a risky business. It's like us diving for UXO. The diving in itself can be dangerous, UXO is generally dangerous. Combine the two with cold, dark water and it's great!

What's your skill set that someone would need you to do a Confined Space entry? I'd start there.

Will you need your 40 Hour? Absolutely. I do too. Not a lot in the 40 has ever helped me with UXO but I still have to have it.

Your next step would be Confined Spaces Awareness training. You need to actually understand what it is and the emergency procedures around that.

The actual Confined Spaces training that you will ultimately do will be repeated in the field over and over again.

We do offer the 40 Hour and we do offer the Confined Spaces Awareness training. Both 100% online.

Your actual Confined Spaces training will be live, in person. As it should be.

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